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All the riders in this video are proud inhabitants of the deep south of italy.
no stones were broken in the making of this mixtape.
shot on gopro and iphone. the iphone is better.
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Couple of flat tricks shot on gopro in Roccaraso, Italy.

The video is intended as a test for the optical flow with the gopro 3 black edition. that explains the sometimes annoying slow motion.


Diego De Francesco
Domenico Pascarella
Marco Golino
Luigi D’Aniello
Giuseppe Fracassi


Oriano Ottaiano
Domenico Pascarella
Alessandro Vitrone
Gaetano Golino


Awsm + nntmrL

Shot on Canon

Run on Puma Velosis



Made a little restyling of some good clips from niko and some of the boys from Slide Camp.

niko natale 

alessio coiro

marco malara

edit nntmrl©

When you deal with crappy filming and crappy tricks, the most important thing to do is choose a nice epic battle score for your video, in order to give the audience the illusion they’re watching something good :D
this is my attempt.

shot on samsung handycam and gopro, edited in fcpx and ae5.


-non professional boarding team-

I’ve put together a couple of clips me and oriano shot this spring, while helping saving random bikers lives. 
hope mr. pasquale is doing fine. a big up for him! yo! nntmrl style, spread the good vibes.

shot on canon 5dmkII and gopro. edited in fxcp.

.fresFound a clip from Andy Bubble Chambers k-540 on my handycam. Stretched it a little. I wanted to see how far I could push the optical flow on low quality videos.
he’s a pro tough, don’t try this at home.

if you wanna know more, here’s bubble’s page : facebook.com/pages/Andy-Bubble-Chambers-K540/134153986640962


Some moments from my annual greek summer trip in Lefkas. 
shot on gopro.